Testimonial from Wendi Walton

I'm voting for Mark Weiermiller because he is dedicated to serving our town. He is compassionate and will take all sides of an issue into consideration before rendering a fair and just decision. I hope you will join me and vote for Mark too

Testimonial from Richard Dunn-Business Owner


There is no substitute for EXPERIENCE. On November 5th we will have the opportunity to vote for a truly outstanding candidate in Mark Weiermiller for Elmira Town Justice. Mark has lived and practiced all aspects of the law for 34 years in our community including in Federal, State and Local courts  This blend of experience along with Mark’s legal expertise , fairness, compassion for people, calm demeanor and ability to make clear and concise decisions without rushing to judgement makes him the uniquely qualified candidate for this position. I encourage you to visit weiermillerfortownjustice.com to see what other attorneys as well as residents in our community have to say about Mark.  Please join me on November 5th to elect Mark Weiermiller our next Elmira Town Justice.

Dr. Richard B. Dunn


Testimonial from Steve Proudfoot, Esq.

I have been practicing law in Elmira for over 25 years. Throughout the course of my practice, I have had multiple professional interactions and dealings with Mark Weiermiller. Mark is well versed in the law, open-minded and ethical. He communicates his legal positions clearly and decisively. He has exhibited the appropriate temperament, legal acumen and objectivity necessary to be a fair and impartial judge. 

In addition to his legal experience, Mark has the personal qualities that give me confidence that he would be an outstanding judge. I have found Mark to be humble, courteous, family oriented and dedicated to our community. I believe Mark is an ideal candidate for Town of Elmira Justice. 

Steve Proudfoot, Esq. 

Testimonial from John Maloney, Esq.


I met Mark Weiermiller 25 years ago, shortly after I graduated from law school and returned to the area to start my profession. At that time, Mark had already been working for several years. I was a very green rookie, and knew little about the actual practice of law. Mark may not remember this, but I sure do: on several occasions in those early years, he took the time to mentor me and explain basic principles of practice to me. He never treated me like the inexperienced novice that I was; instead, he showed me patience, kindness and true professionalism. I will always remember that about Mark and be grateful to him for it.

Over the years, Mark and I have been on opposite sides of countless business deals and real estate transactions. I can always count on Mark to be an honest, hardworking, trustworthy advocate for his clients, one whom I look forward to working with on our various deals. Even though we aren’t on the same “team,” successful transactions require competency and honesty on both sides of the deal, and Mark provides this every time.

Mark’s competency, experience, work ethic, honesty and professional demeanor will make him an excellent Judge in the Town of Elmira. He has my enthusiastic endorsement.

John W. Maloney, Esq.

Keyser, Maloney & Winner, LLP

150 Lake Street

Elmira, NY 14901

Testimonial from Jonathan Stanley-Business Owner

"Having worked with Mark Weiermiller for nearly 20 years  now, I am proud to endorse him for Town  of Elmira Justice.

Mark is a person who has invested his life and work in our region. He has earned the respect of many through his service in our community.

Mark's legal knowledge and local insight will allow him to fairly employ the legal system for the safety and benefit of our Town."

Jonathan C. Stanley

The Sterling Group of the Twin Tiers, Inc.

Testimonial from John H. Meier-Business Owner

"Mark is a lifelong resident of our community with the education amd experience, as well as the temperament and balance needed to serve as Justice in the Town of Elmira."

Testimonial from David Lubin-Business Owner


I have known Mark Weiermiller most of his life.

I have used his services in many real estate transaction, contracts, financing, estate services, and more.

I have seen him negotiate contracts with teams of lawyers to a very satisfying conclusion.

His depth and breadth of knowledge of the law gives me great confidence in recommending him to anyone.

I think he is responsible, educated, and well versed in the law, which makes him an excellent candidate for Town of Elmira Justice.

David Lubin

L Enterprises, LLC

Testimonial from Peter Michalko-Retired Chief of Police Town of Elmira


"I have known Attorney Mark Weiermiller for approximately thirty years. I have witnessed him and his wife raise their family in West Elmira for the thirty years I served as a Police Officer in West Elmira. 

I know Attorney Weiermiller to be a honest, friendly, and fair Family man who spent many hours in the Town Park with his children. Mr. and Mrs. Weiermiller raised their children in West Elmira and were regulars at the numerous community functions held throughout the years.

As Attorney Weiermiller has been practicing Law in Chemung County for decades, I believe that he would be an excellent Town Justice, serving the residents of the Town of Elmira fairly, compassionately and firmly when needed.

I support Attorney Mark Weiermiller in his bid for the Town Justice position and sincerely hope that you will support him as well."

Testimonial from Richard D. Keyser, Esq.


“I am supporting Mark Weiermiller for Town Justice for the Town of Elmira.  During the almost forty years that I have been practicing law in Chemung County I have had the opportunity to work with Mark on numerous cases, some where we worked together to advance  our clients’ mutual interests and others where Mark and I were on opposite sides advocating on behalf of our respective clients who had opposing positions and points of view.  In each and every case Mark knew the law, conducted himself with honesty and integrity, and worked hard to make sure that his clients received the best legal representation possible. I am confident that Mark will combine these characteristics with  his strong work ethic to serve the people of the Town of Elmira as their Town Justice .    Please join me in supporting Mark Weiermiller in his candidacy for Town Justice and cast your vote for him on election day.”  


Richard D. Keyser, Esq.           


Testimonial from The Honorable Judith O'Shea


“Having known Mark for the last 30+ years both professionally and personally, I feel his legal experience and knowledge make him the most qualified candidate to fill the position of Elmira Town Justice.  He will make a terrific judge.”

Honorable Judith O’Shea, Retired NYS Supreme Court Justice

U.S. Congressman Tom Reed Endorses Mark Weiermiller


Reed Backs Weiermiller for Town Justice 

Today, following the announcement of Town Justice Richard Woohouse’s retirement, Rep. Tom Reed offered his endorsement of Town Justice candidate Mark Weiermiller.

“I am proud to support Mark’s campaign for Justice,” said Tom. “I know Mark’s heart, and he is committed to serving the people of Elmira. His background in public service and law makes him ready to lead on day one.”


“Mark Weiermiller is committed to fairness. Mark stands for our values and principles. He is exceptionally qualified, and I urge every voter in the Town of Elmira to support Mark Weiermiller," concludes Tom.


Congressman Tom Reed, Republican of Corning, has represented the 23rd congressional district since 2011. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, and Co-chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus, Tom is committed to fighting for jobs and the future for the families in the 23rd Congressional District.

Endorsement from Tom Santulli


I have known Mark Weiermiller for nearly 30 years both as a hard-working attorney and a concerned citizen of our community.  Mark is highly intelligent , honest and a strong advocate for the people that he represents. He cares about the quality of life in our community and will work hard to resolve criminal and civil cases as the Elmira Town Justice.  Mark has a very strong work ethic and is known for being a person of high integrity.  We need a person of Mark’s quality and dedication to be our next Town Justice.  I respectfully ask you to join me in voting for Mark Weiermiller for this very extremely important position.

Tom Santulli,

Former Chemung County Executive

Town of Elmira resident


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Testimonial from Business Owner Mike Mitchell

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