Why I'm Running

A short video to describe why I am seeking the nomination of Justice in the Town of Elmira. 

Community, History, Family, Experience

Appreciate all of the support! #WeiermillerforJustice

Interview with Scott Lowmaster, Journey U

Sat down with a good friend Scott Lowmaster of Journey U and founder of iMatter Foundation to discuss some of our shared values that pertain to the upcoming election. 

Community, Integrity, Family Values, Innovation, Justice, Heart, Authenticity, Dependability

Interview with Travis Barnes, Journey Fitness

Met with a close friend Travis Barnes, owner of Journey Fitness, to discuss the upcoming election and all of the values we have in common! 

Compassion, Trust, Fairness, Helping People, Problem Solving, Life Changes, Decisive, Experience, Preparedness, Consistency 

Interview with Marc Stemerman, Chumung Supply Corporation

Had a great discussion with longtime friend Marc Stemerman, owner of local businesses Chemung Supply Corporation and co-owner of Greek Peak. 

What a trip down memory lane of our time growing up in the Town of Elmira!

Family, History, Safety, Culture, 

Neighborhood, Experience